Metrolina Nephrology Associates offers the convenience of diagnostic imaging services for patients with renal disease in our Randolph Road office.

A Renal Ultrasound is a commonly ordered non-invasive test, using high frequency sound waves to create a computer image of the kidney useful in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney related disorders.  If you are scheduled for a renal ultrasound there is no special preparation necessary.

Renal Artery Doppler studies are also commonly ordered non-invasive tests that measure how well the blood is flowing into the kidneys.  Prior to having this study done it is important that you have no food or drink for the 6 hours leading up to the test.  You should also refrain from smoking or gum chewing during this same time frame.

In addition to these tests, our Registered Vascular Technologists also perform Vein Mapping studies to identify the best site for future vascular access.  Early identification is important so that the veins may be protected and preserved.  If you are scheduled for a vein mapping, there is no special preparation needed.